Ever since the addation of droop screws to the 1/8 scale market, there has been 1 basic flaw. For the manufactorers of the screw it was simply adding the 2 mm hex in the end. The larger hex on the button head end was left in the process. the larger hex unfortunitly add a cutting edge

to the screw which we all have seen on our chassis. also the more rounded end of a standard button head screw gives less contact on the chassis

and acts more like a knife edge. The other alternative is to use a 4 mm set screw. this of course gives a much smaller contact patch and wears much 

quicker. my design has a flatter dome on the head and is shorter than the stock 

My design does not have the larger hex in the dome side which gives you a much larger contact patch from the beginning. You will have a little

wear on the chassis from this model but as it wears the contact patch will get larger and reduce the amount of wear on the chassis and be much more consistant on the droop settings.


sinc there is no hex on the bottom side,  you will then insert your 2 mm driver

thru the top of the arm and  down thru the droop screw hole. put the droop screw on the end of the 2 mm driver and push it up thru the arm.

turn the 2 mm wrench counter clockwise and thread the screw into the hole.

It is advised that you use blue locktight to offer some resistance since this screw is probably going into and existing threaded hole.

when installing droop screw into new arms,keep constant pressure on screw as it is cutting threads when it goes in.

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